Why is poker so popular?

Why is poker so popular?

Poker is the most famous card game. It has continued to grow quickly over the years. The number of players has increased drastically over the years, whether be it for playing games on a big screen or for entertainment. Poker has the attention of millions of people from gamblers to casual players. To play poker go to pkv poker online.

 Poker- a game of skill:

Many people like to play slots games as the result is highly unpredictable in these games. They are true games of chance, which do not require any skills or effort and are just based on luck or chance. Many poker players consider this as a drawback, as poker requires a good amount of skill. The rules to play poker may be simple but plays take years of experience to build up their perfect strategy. Tactics and tricks are both very important. Having a poker face is the key aspect of the game and adds excitement to the game.

Field to challenge others

Most of the players see poker as a source of additional income or even as a full-time job, many of them are not driven by money but are driven by the ability to compete and have an upper hand on others. They want to beat others in these skill games, this is what matters to them the most. The major trait of a poker player is competitiveness.

Many a time all the poker players from the least experienced to the most experienced want the victory in the game more than the desire to win money.  And obviously, this gives an adrenaline rush to the players as the competition turns into more about beating their foes rather than winning the money.


Poker appeal to the players because it’s a skill-based game and it is legal is so any country. In India, these gambling games, are all outlawed in these three states- Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. As a good amount of skill is involved in poker it is not called the game of chance and so it can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere. Many countries are still trying to get poker legalized, while on the other hand the markets that allow these games help the grow the popularity of it worldwide.

The terminologies used in the game are ingrained in our culture and on average everyone seems to have heard of poker. Visit pkv poker online to play poker today!!!

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