Historical & Religious Places to Visit in Thailand

Historical & Religious Places to Visit in Thailand

You might already know that Thailand is rich in culture and religion. It is also considered and preserved as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Interested in exploring Historical & Religious Places in Thailand? Let us get into more details.

Historical & Religious Places to Visit in Thailand

Historical City in Thailand

Ayutthaya once used to be the capital of Thailand. While you are in this city exploring, will transport you into the olden times of Thailand. If you love watching historical places such as old palaces and temples, you will definitely love this place.

The city is near the present capital today, Bangkok. There will not be any problem while traveling because there is public transport like taxis and buses and you can get on one. If you want to travel through your leisure time, taking a mode of public transport would be great. You will understand the historical and cultural part of Thailand if you visit this old city, Ayutthaya.

Doi Suthep

You should definitely visit Dou Suthep to get once in a lifetime experience. If you find peace by watching Buddhist monks performing rituals related to their religion, you should not miss a chance if you love to know the culture of Thailand Temples. You can also have some delicious street food and get some souvenirs for your family and loved ones such as handicrafts from the local shops.

Khmer Temples

Well if you are an avid history person, you will surely love visiting these temples. Khmer Temples were built at a time when there was a rule of the Khmer Kingdom. This was built ten centuries before. They are still preserved and well maintained even after thousands of years. You will find these types of temples in the Northern Region of Thailand. There are also other temples known as Phimai, Muang Tum, and Phanom Rung to visit your lovely historical trip.

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